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Some kind words from our heroes in the trenches


Ed Goble and the Bluegrass Creative team moved the Bishop Mule Days Celebration into the 21st century through the creation of the state-of-the-art, intuitive, and user-friendly website. Through this process, Ed understood the importance of presenting the Bishop Mule Days brand to the digital era. He worked tirelessly until the specific Board-approved branding objective was met. Ed and the entire team are personable, approachable, and of the highest integrity – they go above and beyond contracted expectations. Ed directed a complete neophyte website worker bee through the entire website construction and through the editing process with unwavering encouragement and extreme patience. Regardless of the circumstance or question, Ed and his team have remained available for technical support and guidance long after the website construction process has concluded. In fact, Ed is now a part of the Bishop Mule Days family. Mule folks have a saying, “Mules can do it all!” and just like mules, Bluegrass Creative does it all. – Tammy Mandrell, Executive Director, Bishop Mule Days Celebration

“I had the privilege of working for and with Ed for many years. He provided a style of leadership I have not found since: focused, calm, motivating, and most importantly he led with integrity. He would always strive to do the right thing, even when the easy way was obvious. He was approachable and encouraging. His creativity made us all want to be better and stretch our minds to dream of what was possible. When faced with adversity, you could trust he was carefully weighing decisions and doing what was best for all involved; and he handled it with discretion. He was not only a great boss, he was and is to this day a great friend. It is an absolute honor to recommend Ed.” – Marie HagenDirector of Development, Compassion International

“I have known Ed for over 15 years, and have had the pleasure of not only working for him when he was Creative Director at Word Records in Nashville, but also having the opportunity to hire him on a freelance basis for his outstanding talent of illustration. His talented abilities of both illustration and creative writing, his great attitude and impressive work ethics and dedication, and most of all the high level of integrity that he possesses are what makes Ed unique and stand apart. He is truly MULTI-talented!!” – Kimberly SagmillerPrincipal, Fudge Creative

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Ed on a number of projects and every time I appreciate his creativity and ability to develop “a look” that fits the project. He’s usually the person who introduces me to new technologies, more cost effective options or the latest user-friendly option. Never satisfied with just what he knows, he’s always looking for that better option for his customers. I’ve worked with him on numerous projects and continue to choose to work with him!” – Jennifer RossCommunications

“Ed Goble and his Blue Grass Creative Team are incredible! They do it all! From original graphic design to logos, rebranding, printing, domains… You name it when it comes to media promotion, graphic art, and creating your own unique identity for yourself, your business or your non-profit organization you will not regret the decision to put your interests in the hands of BGC.”
– Rob Kee, Lead Pastor, Generations United

“Ed has a breadth and depth of knowledge surpassed only by his genteel and kind way of helping colleagues work out there graphic and technical issues in a timely manner. Ed has a keen eye for strong graphic design that both “trend aware” and “fad cautious.” I’ve learned much from watching and listening to this professional.” – Fred Miller

“Ed did a view book for my school, Nebraska Christian College. He created an entirely different look that will appeal to today’s potential students.” – Mark Krause, Ph.D.Academic Dean, Nebraska Christian College

“Ed is an exceptionally talented professional in website development as well as an exceptional graphic designer. He will take your direction and artwork files creating user friendly, functional website finessing them to your exact specifications. He developed countless very complex artwork under the most demanding of circumstances and looks like it took a team of animators’ weeks to design. He is one of my first choices for an assignment as he will always bring his top creative talents, great attitude and dedication.” – Hermano QueirozInformation Technology

“Ed is a uniquely gifted artist who offers so much to any creative challenge. He is an amazing storyteller who has an absolute facility of words, both spoken and written, as well as the visual arts that require no words. He is a valued addition to any team, providing vision and leadership while encouraging the best from everyone he influences.” – Dean ArvidsonVice President of National Acct Sales, Thomas Nelson Inc.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Ed for the past three years. His creativity and attention to detail make working with him a seamless process. His extensive marketing experience gives him an edge in the creative process.” – Amanda OsborneIntegrated Media Solutions Provider, Clear Channel Media-Entertainment

“Ed Goble took an inactive, user-UNfriendly, out of date website and brought it to life. His design skills coupled with tech knowledge turned it around and made it blossom into the well-balanced, bright, user-friendly marketing tool it is today. It’s a pleasure to work with him on promotional projects.” – Linda Waggener

“Ed is not only outstanding to work with, but he is focused upon achieving excellent results to the satisfaction of his clients. I highly recommend Bluegrass Creative.” – Keith LancasterFounder, The Acappella Company 

“Having known Ed for something over 30 years and worked together on many projects, both in ministry and in the creative field, I know him to be a person of exceptional character and creative talent. In ministry, he works well across denominational boundaries, with excellent creative gifts and skills that produce work of high quality and character. As an author, I’ve used his book “And No Religion Too” in discipling young converts and found it helpful in getting to the core of the faith. I have also participated in many of his teaching sessions where he proved to be intelligent, engaging and inspiring. – William Stapleton, Founder & Director of The Banyan Group

“Edward is an innovative thinker who will challenge others around him. while taking a team lead position within his task areas he works well alone or elbow to elbow. He is smart, hard working and fun in the work place. Edward has the highest regard for others and will do everything he can to help them be successful.” – Tom BakerTeam Lead ISLG, Lowe’s Home Improvement 

“Edward is a detail-oriented manager who watches the balance sheet like a hawk without losing sight of the strategic objective. He is very personable and punctual. Ed is a joy to work with, he listens and always give you more than what you’ve asked for and always with a very high level of integrity.” – Louise Bullard-FryeMajestic Communications Group

“Ed Goble provided exceptional service to include publishing and editing services on my Inspirational book. I found him to be trustworthy, honest and completed services in a punctual manner. He was very creative in the design, layout of my book. He has been a true professional in his work and as an individual.” – Nora HampdenAuthor

“Ed is a remarkable graphic designer. I have worked with him on several projects and he has even helped fix several projects that highly paid graphic designers seemed to miss the mark on. He is very personable and will go the extra mile for his clients.” – Jason EnglandFounder, Audience One Sports

“In my experience with Edward Goble I have experienced his utmost commitment to excellence. Additionally, he is devoted to providing to the needs presented by his customers and works tirelessly to do so. Ed’s creative ability is one of his key strengths and coupled with his design skills make him a great asset for any organization seeking to present a professional and edgy brand.” – Dennis PaivaDirector for Disbursements and Accounting, Commonwealth of Kentucky

“Very helpful and professional in design and product.” – Joe WaltersSenior Campaign Officer

“Ed Goble is a prompt, detail-orientated individual that gives his utmost effort to any project he is involved with. He works well with others and helps everyone on the team to stay focused and on task. I have been fortunate to work with Ed on several projects over the last three years and each time, his professionalism was at the top and his work ethic and results the same. I believe that Ed Goble is a great asset to any venture he endeavors to participate in and would be a wonderful addition to any company he works with.” – Rick Wilson